Does Santa exist?

Sure he does!

...and he is here on our site!... hidden..

Santa came early this year. He rests somewhere in one of our categories, including the products in fact. Find Santa and put him in your shopping cart together with the other products and increase your christmas present bag. Do not worry .. he cost nothing! However, the Santa opens the new door for you! When you have him in your shopping cart and products for over 100 SEK (ca 10 Euro) you enable code HITTATOMTEN (means FIND SANTA) and thus get:

  • 25% sale on your whole purchase
  • Proof that Santa in fact does exist!

... And no, that's not all! ... All with an Santa in cart participate automatically in our little annual competition. If you win, you get to a cart with your goods plus a select gift!




...Last seen on Reward 25% off